Hi!  I am Aryana B. Londir, “living the dream” in Phoenix, Arizona!

As a visual artist, I have created original works in textiles, oil and acrylics, along with sculptural objects using found objects and encaustic paint. I worked in glass and also created decorative vessels using gourds as my base material. Textiles have been my mainstay since my teens, and as I am drawn back into their seductive qualities of the soft hand, warmth and richness of color.

Realizing that I find it difficult to resolve my personal conflict of adding to the plethora of objects and consumerism in the world, I have chosen to explore the world of digital imagery. It allows me the portability and freedom to work anywhere at any time. Freedom and choice.

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I was first drawn to abstract art when, as a child, I visited the Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, CT with my mother, and remember seeing this new and exciting work full of color, shapes and lines. It was so different from anything else I had seen, and it opened my eyes to see and think differently. I didn’t like being told what I was looking at then, and prefer to come to my own conclusions now.

My art allows me to express my individual style; the way in which I use color and shape arranged on the surface says that I see the world with bright eyes. My work is showcased on the next few pages for your enjoyment.

I have been fascinated with style all my life. I remember seeing my mother get ready for her “dates” with my father every Saturday night. She transformed herself from a housewife into a beautiful woman, complete with full makeup and gorgeous dresses. My father, who was rather debonair, changed from his everyday work clothes (he was a butcher, but still went to work every day in perfectly pressed trousers, a matching sweatshirt and ironed shirt which he wore under his standard full length apron, topped off with a matching cap) into a beautifully tailored two piece dress suit and tie. Boy were they a knockout couple!

Style allows everyone to express their unique individuality, a most essential quality in today’s society, which tends to be homogenized.

Style is not relegated to how you dress, but how you see the world around you, how you decorate your home, the cars you drive and oh, so much more. It includes simple things such as the colors we paint our homes, the clothes we wear, even the food we eat and how it is presented.

Join me on my journey, and I will show you a new way to look at the world. I will open your eyes to the style all around you. In my blog, I explore those connections . Sign up for email updates and be the first to travel with me!

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“Moving Forward”
54″ x 39″
Commercial cotton, machine quilted
© Aryana B. Londir