Artist Statement

As an artist, I have been fortunate to create meaningful work in various media. For me, if my work doesn’t have a solid foundation and contributes to the world, it has no meaning. I have explored socio/political issues, primarily overcrowding and overpopulation.

As I progress in my life, looking deeper becomes more meaningful. How I have evolved as a being is measurable in my connection to the earth, its beings, the decisions I make, my relationships and the roads I travel.

My work centers on balance, harmony and the integration of contradiction/contrast and the opposition of themes, color and form.

Color intrigues me.   Brash/vibrant/bold. Quiet/moody/detached.  Atmospheric and energetic; color is the vehicle in which our innermost experiences are brought to the surface and experienced.

The division of shapes and spaces fascinates me. As human beings, we divide the spaces in which we live, work and play. My abstract compositions play with the division of space and how spaces and shapes relate to each other.

I work in the abstract by choice; it challenges me, and invites the viewer to evoke their own personal experiences and emotions. Contributing to overcrowding has been part of my dilemma ; working with tangible physical materials and the accumulation of supplies with which to create that work has made me feel more of an accomplice than a solution, so I move into working more minimally, combining digital assets with analog collage.

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