“Slightly” Addicted?

Funny concept, isn’t it, to be “slightly” addicted? How is that even possible?

We as humans love to acquire things….whether it be clothes, shoes, the newest tech item, cooking utensils, books, other people, relationships, experiences….whatever suits us at the time.

As an artist, I know that desire rather well. I have worked in various media, and with each one, comes the “need” to have more inventory, more supplies, more gadgets with which to create. Realistically, we know that not everything we create will sell; thus, the need to store it. Move it. Deal with it. Add to the mass on the planet.

Not only does it take up physical space, but emotional/mental space. What about the financial impact? The feeling of decreased self-esteem when it doesn’t sell?

However, we ARE creatives. We must create. What a dilemma.

A few years ago, I attended a painting workshop with high level artists. I brought this up in a class discussion and my thoughts were greeted with disdain, as if I was out of my mind for voicing my feelings. Those feelings have done nothing more than intensify; my “love affair” with all of it has decreased even more, day by day.

Recently I attended a social function attended by people from various parts of the world; many were in this country as part of work assignments, some for a year, some for shorter periods of time. Many relocated quite frequently. I inquired how they were able to do it; moving is a challenge with “stuff,” especially to another country. Every single one responded with a simple response. “Simply get rid of your stuff and trade it for experiences.”

How blatantly obvious.



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