“Urban Marks” series


As an artist, I have been fortunate to create meaningful work in various media. For me, if my work doesn’t have a solid foundation and contributes to the world, it has no meaning. I have explored socio/political issues, primarily overcrowding and overpopulation.  Contributing to overcrowding has been part of my dilemma ; working  with tangible  physical materials and the accumulation of supplies with which to create that work has made me feel more of an accomplice than a solution.

A recent move into another living space has also forced me to really look at what I have; and how I have to move it around with me. I am not portable with so much. I am not as free as I wish to be.

I simply cannot justify conspicuous consumption of materials and the storage of those as much as I have in the past. I will continue to work with fabric but cannot see any rationale for purchasing new materials; what I have will be what I use.

So I move into the world of digital photography. 

I have long had a love affair with cities, the grittiness of urban life and how we live and survive in those environs. My new work will focus on simply, urban marks. Marks on pavement, floors, walls, what lies beneath our feet and next to us. Around us. Above us. Art is everywhere and yearns to be experienced.

So, with nothing more than a laptop, a camera and a camera phone, I embark on another visual journey. Who knows where this will lead? Freedom to be, to experience the world.