“Steady Now,” ©Aryana B. Londir, Digital Photography


…to become aware through the senses….

OK, how do we begin to understand those words?  To become aware. Does it start slowly, innocently, subtly? Does it wash over us like a cool breeze, a warm beam of sunlight, an aroma? Or does it hit us hard and heavy, like a lightning bolt out of the blue, a thunderclap, a sonic boom?

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I have been single for over a year now. It was not my decision; my love decided he had enough of life and made the decision to end his. So. Here I am, living in a world of separation. Losing someone in this manner separates us from others in many ways; it’s a decision that ultimately must be given respect, if we truly believe in choice. Pro-choice, right? Hmmmm. Puts a new light on the term, doesn’t it?

©Aryana B. Londir
Separation, digital photograph

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