Back in the Saddle….again!

Wow….halfway through the year already.  I am constantly amazed at how quickly time moves.

Identity series 5 photosnew

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I have been very busy since the beginning of the year, and have produced five new pieces!

My work is being exhibited in three exhibitions so far, this year

Artist as Quiltmaker, Oberlin, OH

Urban Murmurs, Rochester, NY

New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, Fort Collins, CO

The foundation for this new series, “Identity,” centers on my new life as a single city dwelling woman.  I am discovering so much about myself and loving my life!  My life is truly mine now. I live freely and honestly from and through my spirit.

When I began this series, I wondered if other artists work in the same manner; where do they start? Color? Idea? Fascinating responses were split evenly between idea and color palette.  Since I work in a series mode, my ideas are in place, so I move seamlessly into color mode.

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