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Identity seems to be an overused word by many artists, so my choice to use it did not come easily.  I have not written a post for nine months; these months have been a time of retrospection and major life changes. My identity has changed from a married person to single; naturally, along with that overdue decision came a change in living and career situation. I am now back living and working amongst people, something I craved for many years. I am rediscovering my identity.  And I really, really like what I am discovering!

I gave up my art for a short time as I needed to get back into the work world.  From my opening statement on my home page, I clearly describe my love of fashion and style.  Living in my former secluded environment and the type of relationship I had, I rarely had the opportunity to dress in a manner in which I enjoyed. Plain and simple, it just did not happen. Well, that has certainly changed! I have reentered the world of style…. and it is a ton of fun, too. My new life affords me the opportunity to dress beautifully and express myself as a woman again.

As an artist, it is more intriguing for me to delve deeply into the driving force of my work.  Yes, I can create “pretty and pristine objects,” but I prefer substance. I created “Compartments,” a large series in textiles with overpopulation/overcrowding as the theme:

comp 2 6 7 72dpi

a series in oils exploring underlying structures, what lies beneath, where we have come from, the past:

Spring Morning and Ripe

I worked in gourds with art deco as the theme – purely decorative that time!

Gourd vessel

And glass – with underlying themes of chaos and control:

Red Wave and Blue Wave

It is clear to me now that I am ready to create art again, and I find that my first love of textiles is my medium of choice.

How does identity fit into this post?  This time it will be more personal; more revealing of myself.  During this transition, I have had the support of a core group of friends who I deeply love, male and female. Each has offered me something different. Gabe, my mentor who guides and helps me see things more clearly; Becky, my strong-willed friend of almost twenty years; Mike, who just loves me from NoCal and Sandy, who listens ever so patiently. And of course, Patricia, my ever enthusiastic friend who never ceases to amaze me.  (The names have not been changed!)  I have learned that love is possible to love again, and learned that not everyone has the same definitions of love. Thank you all.

I will explore my personal identity through my art; as I watch the twists and turns as an objective observer.  Now this should be fun!

Thanks all for reading this, and remember, comments are always welcomed!