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Sorting Pins

Maurice in observation mode

Sorting Pins…….

Some of you know that there is a new cat living in my studio. Our beloved Itty passed away in May, and after a period of grieving I realized I missed the energy of an animal friend.  Fast forward to October, and I discovered the lovely Maurice at a local shelter.

Maurice was seven months old at the time.  Imagine the joy of living in an artist’s studio! So much to do, so many fun things with which to play.  Scraps of fabric, spools of thread,tape measures, rulers, but wait…..he discovered pins. Pins with big colored heads.  Now that’s something hard to resist. Just gotta have ’em!

I have two large design walls, one 8′ x 5′; the other 8′ x 9′ in size. Most  fiber artists cover their walls with flannel as fabric sticks like magic, and creating compositions is much easier as the pieces can be moved around quite readily.  Over the 2″ styrofoam insulation boards was flannel which had to be pieced together to fit the walls.  So what did I use? Those pins with the big colorful heads, of course!

Maurice the destroyer discovered that he could pull those pins out with his little mouth, and chase them all over the place, even deposit them for future play. I discovered some in his food bowl, of all places.  I tried spraying him with water, stomping my feet and yelling, but if I was not there, out came the pins.

This had to stop. He could seriously harm his sweet self and that was not an option. What could I do? Removed and replaced those big head pins with the tiniest dressmaker pins which I could barely pick up, the heads are so %#*@ small!

I think that most of you know that once you begin a project like this, it just keeps going, and going, and going. Pretty soon not only were the walls tape rollered, but the floors vacuumed and washed (love that Swifter!), windows washed and areas dusted.

Then of course we come to the title of this blog:  Sorting Pins.  How many different kinds of pins do we really need? I have the fabulous fine Clover pins with the small red or white glass heads which create virtually no holes in fabric, along with long glass multi-colored large head pins, and then some short thicker pins which for some strange reason do not stay on the magnetic pin holder. What’s that about? Got those all straightened out and organized. Who on earth sorts pins????

Whew! But what a great way to start 2013.

Clean design wall


Maurice worn out from cleaning

Please share strange pet behaviors with me – these guys continue to amaze me!

I wish a fun New Year’s Eve to all, and a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year filled with love and laughter.  Thank you for being part of my life.

Bye for now!