©Aryana B. Londir Ripe 36x24


I choose to work in thematic series to fully explore concepts.  Each piece builds on previous works.

The foundation for my work in paint refers to underlying structures, what lies beneath, where we have come from; the past.  Often the past is obliterated in favor of newness; the old is deemed dated and unimportant. The past, whether of a being, a memory, a place, a building or an object, is not universally exalted.  I have chosen to honor what lies beneath, with this series of paintings. The paint allows me to reference age and layers.  Scraping, adding and subtracting, and etching are just a few ways I create these pieces.

The immediacy of achieving brilliant color is my definitive reason to work with paint.  My love of vibrant color and texture is evident in this new work.  Each piece has many layers of paint, and previous layers show through by virtue of altering the surface with tools, scraping, using additive and subtractive methods.