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My Wonderful World

Artists studios are a mystery to so many. Our studios are places of creation, harmony, serenity, frustration and joy. When our visions are fulfilled, the world is good. When we are thwarted, when things don’t go right, when the colors we dye/paint/photograph look differently than what we had in our minds, it’s a tough go.

I love seeing the spaces in which my fellow artists create, so I thought I would share my space with you. Many will be shocked when they see such an orderly, clean and organized studio. I just can’t help it – I am unable to create in visual chaos, so it is tidied up often. It really does help me to work more efficiently and effectively.

So, let’s begin with the exterior. My studio is located on the same property on which we live, a separate building from our home and a nice walk down the hill.

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Exterior view of my Cactus Camp studio, taken from the driveway.

Exterior view of my Cactus Camp studio, taken from the driveway. The building to the left is my husband’s studio.

The studio measures about 27′ x 20,’ not including the attached garage which houses not only my car, but a lot of space for storage.

Walking in from the front door, here is what you see:

Aryana B. Londir studio

Interior View of Studio

Yes, there’s Maurice ready to meet and greet!

Walking in from the back door, here are two views:

Aryana B. Londir Studio

View of studio from back door showing west wall. This design wall is 8′ x 8.’


View of studio from back door showing west wall. This design wall is 8′ x 10.’

Also on the west wall is the computer area with printer and copy machine:


Aryana B. Londir Studio

Computer area with printer and copy machine

A better view of the back of the studio:

Aryana B. Londir Studio

Back of the studio. Notice Maurice’s toys under the table (just a small representation!).

Back here not only is the dye area, but to the left of the double doors is the washer used for full water immersion dyeing and the sink, along with the ironing board and closet which houses my hot water heater.

Finally, part of the dye area. Notice the poles for shibori wrapping!

Aryana B. Londir Studio

Dye area and Maurice’s condo.

It’s a fabulous place in which to work. I have so much natural light by way of 10′ x 6′ north facing front windows and four gorgeous clerestory windows which give  me glorious east light all day.  The double doors in the back bring in bright light from the south.

Fully air conditioned, heated with radiant floor heat, it’s a dream come true.

Want to share your space? I would love to see it!  Please feel to comment by clicking on the grey bar below.

Bye for now!


“Those Places”

We all have “those” spaces in our homes or offices – the ones that are long and narrow.  We want to hang a gorgeous piece of art, but what is available to fit there?  I have your solution.  Three long rectangular pieces from which to choose.

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Each piece is narrow, and long.  Where in your environment would they look best? Please let me know by adding a comment – oh, and also, please sign up for my email list. Thanks.

Bye for now!


New artwork!

Compartments #16 © Aryana B. Londir
20″ x 18″

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January has been a wonderfully productive month for me.  Four new “Compartments” pieces were created, and now the series numbers seventeen. Wow!

“Compartments,” to me, is an series which continues to intrigue and challenge me, as well as allowing me to have fun and explore.

These pieces are a departure in that they are not quilted. They are mounted on 1.5″ deep cradled board with the sides painted black.  This presentation is very contemporary and allows the viewer to see the composition more clearly.

Not only do these pieces look wonderful shown individually, but their impact is so powerful when massed together on a wall…

Compartments #12, #15 and #17
© Aryana B. Londir

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How wonderful to commission a group in your choice of colors and sizes.  Treat yourself this year and have fun along with me.

What would your dream grouping look like? What would your choice of colors and size configuration be?

I’d love to hear from you. Please feel to comment below.

Bye for now!